Saturday, June 4, 2011


It's different. Somethings have changed. And it's as natural as two magnets pulling together, as two puzzle pieces uniting perfectly. I let go. Today, I didn't remember you, I didn't think about you. And I thank God for creating us the way we are, and our forgetful human mind, for forgetting you even just for a few hours. It was a bliss, it was just what I needed. It was me letting go and finally having fun. I surprise myself by being good towards those who do not deserve it. Either naivety or kindness, It's totally me. I accept that. I miss you though, I miss you a lot actually, But I've missed my smile and freedom more. I've missed my old young care free self.
I think I can let you go now, and by doing that, I'm breaking open and free. I may not be happy like I was today. And there will be a lot of times that I feel vulnerable and wish your presence back. But that's okay. I'll find pleasures in other stuff. I won't depend on anyone again. People are not pillars and I learned that from you. I thank God for today that made me feel like a 5 year old. Thank God for my amazing beautiful sisters. And I thank God for everything that I've been through and every lesson I've learned.

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