Friday, November 9, 2012

The dream

I dreamed of you.
Your voice, an echo through my head.
I talk to you, and it was awkward and real. So real. So bittersweet.
And I blame cold medications and high fever.
I touch you, my mind remembers your rough palms.
It creates the illusion of reality, the tingle afterwards.
I call your name, but it came out wrong.
I want you, but the name was for another.
You didn't notice, and I thought you knew.
There was another. Was.
I fix it. I wanted to fix it. I tried again. And I was pained when I said it right.
It has been so long.
I remember reaching out for you.
I remember you say that you called me. I remember you say you're travelling, and never coming back.
I wake up confused and hurt. All over again.
A scar that is still so raw.
I ache, ache and ache.

I blame my mind. Showing me what I work so hard to deny.

Showing me that I still love you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I can't...just can't get over my obsession with Red lispticks. I love them. I love how bold the color is, it's something I can't be...being bold.
Though it takes a lot of courage to walk around with red lips in Egypt, or so I think.
I don't quite understand why I love it so much. It gives me confidence and that feeling that I'm beautiful. Like I'm really comfortable in my skin.

Every girl should own one, or at least something that makes her feel good. Nice shoes that makes you look great. Or a favorite piece of jewelry.

Sometimes I really like being a girl.

I am 23 now. My birthday was on the first of this month. I haven't mused really about the last year. But I intend to post about my wishes for this year and so..

I have a bad flu and I am rambling.

Sexy_hot_lips23 (would make one funny username haha)
AKA Nariman