Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November wrap

I'll try to put this month into words as much as I can
I'm still jobless and broke. I had two interviews this month. And still waiting!
I got a "very irresistible Givenchy" perfume from my best friend Ahmed for my birthday.
I spent a day with my friends and had breakfast at El Zamalik. Overly priced breakfast food! FML!!
I ate ice-cream yesterday.
I went to a documentary movie about our on-going revolution and Tahrir sq. It was AMAZING! Directed by three very talented Egyptian directors, Amr Salama was one of them. I sat next to Medhat El Adl! How cool was that!!
I don't like how I look this month, gaining weight and all that.
One day I cooked a new recipe, it made me happy and excited the whole day.
I've seen Breaking Dawn, I loved it although my deep hatred for the book. It was the shittiest allow me to admit!
I went to a wedding.
I doubt anyone will find this babbling interesting.
This month was very frustrating with the all that happened in Tahrir and the martyrs and the SCAF.
I'll post some of the things I enjoyed reading this month though.

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