Saturday, February 11, 2012

I call that epic whine

I don't want to whine. I do not whine. I can handle stress and bad energy and shit. But it's all got too much, and I'm suffocating. There's a list of all things annoying..from people invading my privacy and doesn't know the meaning of personal space, to bad attitudes and yelling around me, not at me, not from me, but around me, in the air. Not a great environment. I try I try I swear. I read IWTFY posts and it helps. It really helps, connect or disconnect who I truly am from the part that I let those certain negative people see. I even retweet prayers, I recite them, I whisper them, that helps too. Something is missing, something is wrong. I originally named this post "Some Positivity", and I came here planning to post my latest favorite photo findings on the internet, you know spread positive energy on this blog, that by the way is turning way too depressing.Now I can't find it. Whoever gonna read this, would get that energy I'm posting. It's so so wrong.
I'm so so so sorry, that you came across randomly to my negativity. I'll be stronger by next post.
It's not that bad. I drink tea at work, I used to try a new one everyday. Apple tea, lemon tea, raspberry (my fav.), and so on, oh the strawberry smells like heaven, any way now I stick by raspberry. I'll fix this post by posting a pic of our kitten/cat. She's half evil/ half cute, she's older now, her fangs hurts a lot more, she likes sleeping beside us, and we saved her from the streets, she was so young, and we thought her a boy, named him Louis (lewis), discovered that she's a she. So voila story of lil Lewisa :D I love her. Got boring now.
Have a great week,


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