Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Midnight rambling

I remember once I read in an article about relationships, that you've to respect and admire the one you're with, like be proud to be with them and love them.
Proud to have children together, that will also look up to them and somehow be like them in a sort.

At the time, I realized that I didn't really respected my ex, I thought him immature and I didn't like it.
Though I loved him, but something was missing. I thought I can't really marry this guy, and have kids and go on with this life. Cause one day the kids will grow older and see how you view eachother and understand.
My mom used to complain about my dad's mannerisms all the time while we're really young and that's fucked up.

And I don't wanna be my parents. Ever!

If you can't respect their way of thinking and accept their differences, then you're making a huge mistake, tying yourself to someone you plan to criticise everyday and smother for the rest of your life, and viceversa, being with someone who constantly points out the bad in you.
Huge huge mistake.
I'm still single by the way.

Happy easter!

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