Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Black Monday!

A big fight. Hurtful words coming from one side, the other side is crying. A happy event turned into a nightmare. Accusations, accusations and more accusations. Monday dragged into Tuesday. Sour mood and hurt pride. Trying to solve things with self-doubt. Another big fight and it's too much to bear. A snap within me at his bullying, betrayal and his self-centered ass. Pure hatred towards self. And it's over. He demands a break and I feel broken already. A day of missed msgs..nothing. I pack his stuff and give it to my dad, all the while crying. Another low blow to my pride. And I ask myself why the hell I'm holding on..for whom and for what. And it's over. My finger is free. My heart is broken and my pride is diminished. That hurt. Cause I was ready to give what he lacks in giving me. It's a slap to my face. A price paid from my dignity and self-esteem. Now I know what I need in my life. And it's not you. I don't need someone who points out the bad in me. I don't need a proclaimed strong man to bully me instead of protect me. Next time I'll take care. Cause I know what I deserve. And it's much much better than you!

Sincerely -like always-

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