Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An experience to write about :)

Yesterday..was great. Yesterday was my animation was the most stressful/mind wrecking..I barely finished on time. We all felt like we're running in a marathon. It rained showers..washing everything in Cairo. El Zamalik was drenched by the time we finished. Streets smelled of wet asphalt and soil. A friend gave me a ride home (I'm very grateful to her). I went out with my dad and it had been months maybe since I last gone out with him. I had my simple makeup on and wore my high heeled boots. I was very content and for the first time ever I started noticing/seeing my father. The first man in my life. I watched him talk and listened. I absorbed every thing he said. Normally I'd listen and never watch him talk, like never look at him while he talks..and I speak to him but never look at him while I speak. But last night I saw. Everything, like the wet streets, the nile, even the people passing by. Our talk was simple, so much like him and I. He asked me about M and I asked about his work. He talked about the traffic and I listened..I talked about cars and he listened. I came home with a warm pizza, ate it with Mom and Nora. Last night's events keep playing in head over and over, just like the song in my playlist I'm now listening to and too busy with writing to change it.
When was the last time you saw? Like really saw or really listened? to someone or something? When was the last time you wondered about something? When was the last time you felt something?
I see my father everyday but never look at him. He drives me to college everyday but we're quiet, he talks to me and my favorite was hmmm. I'm glad I realized this before it's too late.
I'm more than happy with the 2 hours I spent with my father alone. I was more than happy when I clung to his elbow while walking and I'm 21 and he's still the one who helps me walk and there to catch me falling..I was more than happy to see him laugh/smile. I'm more than happy and proud to be his daughter and be so much like him.
I love you , Baba

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