Monday, January 17, 2011

What I'll miss

I've been wanting to write a note about the things I'll miss in the people I love and care case I died or they died (b3d el shar) or because (insert some lame excuse here) 7asal or kaza kaza 7asal..El mohm I feel that a certain person needs to know certain things. And I'm not good with talking and expressing feelings and I'm always safe in my hiding. So;
I'll miss a certain's what i love the most. I hear it and feel how free it sounds. I'll miss hearing it on a bad joke I said.
I'll miss the hugs, the kisses and the painful arm pinches.
I'll miss hearing about the view of life, the contradictions, the dreams and the goals.
I'll miss the support and wake up call when I'm not right about certain stuff.
I'll miss tahyees el mo7adrat wel tarya2a 3la el doctors w el mo3eedeen.
I'll miss the name when i can't find it on my recent dialed or recent received / missed calls.
I'll miss the wall posts, photo comments or even likes on anything.
I'll miss hearing my nicknames..even the weird ones..anything but my full name.
I'll miss the creativity and the inspiration mixed with wildness and personal style.
I'll miss a friend.
I'll regret not trying. I'll regret blaming it on the other person and playing victim. I'll regret happy memories cause I wouldn't be able to make new ones. I'll regret pretending that I don't miss that person.

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