Saturday, January 22, 2011

My guy

He's not perfect but he his own way. All smiles and jokes and one cute dimple. Deep light brown eyes and heavy burden upon his shoulders. His tough side with a leather jacket and a speedy motorcycle that screams power. His care and his love in a kiss on the back of my hand. His warm heart and gentle touch. His voice and the stubble upon his face. The tiny dark freckle on his neck. His strong arms which aren't the only indicator that he could protect me. And everything else about him. I see his beauty and I see his beast, I tame it down with gentle words and all the love I have for him in a hug. I want more. And I have more..more to give..more to get..more to add to life for my guy, my lover, my protector, my half of me.
And I want all that..the smiles with the frowns and scowls, the good, the bad and the ugly.
And I wish he would turn to me, not turn away.
And I'm trying to be stronger for him and fight his bad side as long as my bad side.
And I'm still discovering what love is after all.

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