Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I miss the time when my father was the one to brush my hair instead of my mom. He was very gentle.
I miss playing kitchen and tea set with my sister.
I miss mom dressing me for school.
I miss garas el 7essa el a5eera.
I miss el chipsy w el bozo elli be nos gneeh.
I miss oghneyt ya 7elw saba7 kol yom 3la sba7 el 5eer ya masr lma kona bnshrab el shay 3aleeha.
I miss nasheed el madrasa.
I miss waiting for the school bus.
I miss my childish self.
I miss the swing bta3t el nady.
I miss malahi sphinex wel tarmpoline.
I miss my dead cat.
I miss my puzzles.
I miss eating beed w basterma fe nos el leil w baba kan by3mlhom.
I miss sleeping beside my mother and father.
I miss listening to Nogoom fm while studying sanawya 3ama.
I miss high school drama over boy crushes.
I miss 3ammo Mohamed (allah yer7amo)
I miss many things. But I miss me the most. Yalla aho part mn el growing up process.
Ehhhh Donya :)

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