Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Baz Blogger Etsala7!

This post originally was named "Between Wednesday and Now"

First, Blogger was down, I couldn't sign in :( Bad Blogger bgd!

Second, I got this reallyyyyyyyyy nice comment but I couldn't reply. Now I don't know where did it go! I would have replied like this
" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu for your nice words and encouragement. I never thought that my ramblings would interest anyone. I read the post you linked, and thank you again for sending me that. It gave me hope."  Thank you, Salma. :)

Third, Wednesday was awesome! I went to college. And at 10 am keda, My friends and I (Monnos, hoha, basomi, ramy, and me) had breakfast at coffee bean and tea leaf. We sat at the out door area. The weather was great and sunny. We had scrambled eggs, sausages and toast. With my great OJ. It was the highlight of the day. We will do it more often. Everyone should do it more often. Kidnap your friends and go. Pay for scrambled eggs and toast a whole lot than you should. Have fun while you're at it. Gossip about the guy sitting next to you who's glaring at everyone and the 70 something lady wearing leggings and heels. You got my point yes?
I got back to college, took my project sketches to the prof. He said and quote "konti fein mn zaman?" He liked it! then I was happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I went to Marwa. I cheered her up. She's 22 and got married last Jan. Now she wants a divorce! Her husband is insane. He's not a good person. And a story like this- like the ones we hear on day talk shows- makes you think a million times before getting married. You can't know a person enough. What if he isn't what you thought he is. He plays by the card of society and Marwa's reputation. She's at her parents' rightnow. Rbna ye3awdha 5eir isa. But this is just so sad.

Forth, I sleep a lot now. I'm scaring mom! I sleep more than 12 hours! It's so depressing and I wake up tired.

Fifth, I've read a lot lately. I've learned some new things too. I'm close to graduation. And that blank after it scares me to an extent. Bas I'll worry about that later :)

Sixth, Blogger ew3a tebooz tany! Ana ba2olak aho :/


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