Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Negative Post!

I don't want things to change. I don't know what ''things'' are. I don't want guys posting on my wall on facebook. And when they post songs with "weird hidden message within lyrics" it just...pisses me off! I hate when someone posts "inboxek!" on my wall, WTF! I don't want to get to know someone. Not now. It's not right. I don't want anyone calling me. Why is it so hard to draw the line with someone so nice? They're just too nice. That sucks. And why do they care asln? I'm used to being ignored. I'm fine with being ignored. Alone and on my own. I don't care about them..not like they do. I think I'm turning cold. I'm still raw. I need time to be by myself. I hate this. All of this. Even this post, I hate it. So negative. So me. I hate tweeting now, because of the one too caring follower/friend.  I can't tweet the personal stuff. Now he asks about the blog! Again WTF! It's too personal. I'd die if anyone I know in real life read all this. I'm a private person. It's like reading someone's mind. Even my closest bestfriend doesn't read it. It's called respecting privacy and avoiding awkward situations. We avoid tear-shedding all costs. We don't hug and talk about feelings. Easier to get by when you think that they think that you're strong and just....couping. That's where the respect and admiration comes from...I think. I don't want to let anyone so close again.. EVER! I don't want anyone to depend on me. I don't want them to think I care. I don't want to care. My mood is sour. I want to bake. No enough eggs.
Spreading negative energy and turning emo,

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