Wednesday, May 25, 2011

M for Mofid

My speaker eared lovely Mofid <3
He's the most amazing kitten/cat ever. His name is Mofid xD I have a habit and a sick joy of naming cats weird names. He was thrown in my way by destiny. See, I took this guy from the street..just at the back gate of college. I heard his weird meow and stopped walking right away, he was at the middle of the pavement. So tiny, and his face was all messed up with dirt and ooze from his eye infection. I tried cleaning his face using wipes, but it didn't work. So I called mom told her about the situation and whether if I could take him home. I was on my way to a Bday party 3la fekra. She said bring him. So I put him in my large bag and got in a taxi. Imagine standing in the street with a meowing bag for ten minutes! I got him home bas tab3an kan shardly fe el taxi :D
He got a bath mo3tabar. Poor guy, his eyes were so infected, we thought he was blind. We couldn't even see his eyes. Just swollen lids. The next day I took him to the vet. And he wrote him some eye drops and ta ta el 7amdollah, he got better in 2 weeks.
I didn't go to the bday, and I wasn't alone when it all happened. My friends were with me, they were disgusted when I wiped his face. They were horrified when I put Mofid in the bag and left. They went to the Bday but I did good. They are forever in the black list :D We aren't close asln.
Mofid gives the best kisses and tamsee7a ever. Mofid slept on my lap while we waited at the vet's. He was the size of my palm then, he looked adorable among the fancy brand cats and dogs. Mofid eats anything he can eat. He used to have a weird meow, he used to meow all the time, really really loud for 3 days. He stopped that. He was blind when we got him, so if any one spoke he would wake up and start following by voice. So cute :D

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