Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today's doodles!

My Art Journal <3<3
This sums up today :)
It's such a creative way to keep the inspiration alive. I didn't have time to "a7antef feh" yet. Soon it'll be my scrapbook, filled with my doodles from my dark mind.
The lyrics in the pic. are from 3 doors down's song ''She don't want the world'', the ''don't'' really bugs me though. She doesn't, I don't..5adnaha keda fe el school :) Anyway it's a pretty song :)
yours and yours,


  1. I loved this! :D :):)Yess keep it up and make lots of these scraps of Art :D :)

  2. Thanks, Salma :) Glad you liked it :) I will isa :D