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May 20th 2010 (In the memory of my Tito)

I've never wrote about my cats. I've had many, and I've three at the moment. I lost my cat "Tito" last year on 20 of May to be specific. I've loved him dearly, grown attached to him through the five years he'd been with me. No he was not just a ''cat'' like everyone who doesn't own a pet tells me over and over. And it never surprise me how merciless people can be. It's weird that the only place in the world that you can talk freely about your pet, and talk to strangers on how much you love them and know that they'll never judge, is at the veterinarian's waiting room. Face 3amel keda :S:S:S bgd!

Back to Tito, We got him from my aunt in 2006, she didn't want him. We took him in, and we fell in love instantly. He was my pride and joy. I talked to him, played with him, you get the point :D. He loved eating boiled eggs, he was consuming up to 4 eggs a day (sometimes) plus eating meat or chicken. Unawarely, that caused him kidney stones in November 2008. He got really sick and we took him to a vet who treated my aunt's cats. The so called vet. told us that an operation is a must. He did what he did, and we payed for the operation, the aftercare and stay. I got my cat limb and unconsciousness after 11 days from the operation. We took him back home, and he wasn't the same cat again. I still don't know how he recovered from this. He kept getting sick for months after. So we took him to another vet. and he told us that the operation was entirely unnecessary, that he could have gone better just by changing his diet and nutrition. Face 3amel keda now :@:@. Tito kept going since then April 2009 to the vet. -the good one up until his death- 3 times each month. My cat lived a year and half in pain cause of the first veterinarian's ''mistake'' and lack of conscious. He had abused my cat, and until now I still can't forgive that man. No matter what happens to that cruel unprofessional man, I want him to die a slow, humiliating and painful death.

My Tito died cause his bladder was too damaged to function and a kidney failure. I've been watching my cat die slowly and painfully for a year and a half. He was not a pet, not to me nor to my family. I'm proud to say that he was -and still is- one of us. We have his picture framed and next to it a picture of me. We have that picture frame in our living room. And his photo is my cellphone's wallpaper. I miss him everyday.
After Tito's death, we discovered that the bad vet. was practicing without a license, and at the time he was sent to jail. I considered this a small price of the debt he has to pay.

It's so important for every pet owner to know how to take care of his pet. It's his responsibility and there's no excuse for neglect. I used to think -as many others still do- that giving your pet what he desires is kindness, it's not. There's a reason why Whiskas exsits.

And animal abuse is everywhere and in every form., from refusing to feed a stray cat when you're holding a piece of bread in your hand, and using a fake certificate to gain a living. And you know animals don't speak. It's just you and your conscience...and Allah of course.

Mercy is also everywhere, you just need to know where to look. Now there're shelters for stray animals, and abused pets. There are many charitable organizations defending animal rights in Egypt. You don't have to encourage greedy pet stores, who starve kittens so you pity one and buy it. You can adopt a stray pet from the shelter and know that they want nothing from you except caring for the poor animal. You can spread the word among your friends and tell them why we should be more merciful to these animals. You can use the empty plastic bowl as a water bowl for the cat living in your building. You can serve them rice and see how giddy they'll be to eat it. You can save them without a sweat.

That's Tito, so beautiful.

In our balcony,

With Farfora, he has just taken a shower :)
Last spring on Sham el Neseem.
That's the picture I framed :)

I love that photo, they look like they're kissing xD
Baby, I miss youu :(

Here's the link to one of the organization caring for animals in Cairo, ESMA
There'd been an incident of abusing (murdering) a dog recently and we need your 5 minutes to sign this petition to protect animals and enforce the law. You don't have to be a pet owner or anything. But if you don't like something, then please change it.

This post is as long just as it should be. :) Guys please please, spread the word. I beg you.
I'm happy to hear your thoughts and comments anytime.
the scammer Vet. who operated on my Tito wrong is named Amr Farouk, He had a pet clinic in Maadi. And I hope he's dead.
Useful for once,

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